A legendary collab

Two individuals standing on a rocky surface with a Marshall Patta portable speaker between them.
People gathering at night to watch fireworks, a Marshall Patta portable speaker enhancing the experience with music.

Inspired by sound
system culture. Designed for community

To mark our first product collaboration with Patta, we’ve created a limited edition Emberton II speaker. 
It draws inspiration from Caribbean sound system culture, emphasising its unique ability to unite people, while embracing its DIY approach to design.

Marshall's colorful portable speaker Patta.


Fluorescent orange and OSB wood prints collide to create a one-of-a-kind Emberton II speaker that looks like nothing else in the Marshall line-up. Patta’s Surinamese heritage is also intrinsically woven into the product through details like the multi-coloured grille.

A man holding in Marshall's portable speaker Patta.
Patta portable speaker on a sandy beach at sunset.

we're all out

The limited edition Marshall X Patta Emberton II has sold out. Keep your eyes out for upcoming collaborations.

Marshall & Patta

Music is nothing without community. It’s this fundamental belief that formed the genesis of our first partnership with Patta. It’s also what made us want to do it all again, while taking it even further. In our ongoing efforts to uplift underrepresented voices, we're joining forces for a second time to pass the mic over to up-and-coming talent who have something to say.

Group of five individuals posing confidently in urban streetwear with a Marshall Patta portable speaker.

In 2022 we got together to support Oroko and Echobox, independent radios stations in Ghana and Amsterdam. They endlessly pour passion and dedication into amplifying local voices and shining a light on the stars of tomorrow. So, we provided them with an extra boost to unlock more creative freedom and to continue pushing their creative limits. In 2024, we’re cranking our partnership up a notch.

Two marshall portable speakers, stacked on a reflective surface with a black background.
Marshall's Patta portable speaker.