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A rebellious and energetic alternative punk rock band, Gen and the Degenerates are known for their anthemic rock and aggression that brings swagger, charm, and presence to the stage.

Continuously pushing boundaries, the band have quickly made their mark as one of the most memorable emerging live bands on the vibrant British rock scene. With the band’s growing number of an equally chaotic audience, Gen and the Degenerates are gearing up to not only prove those rumours of big things true but to defy all expectations put upon them. Alternative punk rockers, party starters, and agents of chaos… Degenerates by name and by nature.

Gen and the Degenerates – Big Hit Single

"a stomping surge of
off-kilter instrumentation
and soulful energy"



Genevieve Glynn-Reeves – Vocals
 Sean Healand-Sloan – Guitar
 Jacob Jones – Guitar
 Jay Humphreys – Bass
 Evan Reeves – Drums

The singer of 'Gen and the Degenerates' on a black and white photo during a concert.
Gen and the Degenerates singer on stage singing
Singer and guitarist from Gen and the Degenerates playing.
A picture of the band Gen and the Degenerates

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