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Unless defined below, capitalised terms used in this text shall have the meanings as in the Terms of Use.

We use cookies or similar technology on our websites and newsletters which means that we either store information on your device or that we gather information from your device (“cookies”). Cookies are small information files that are sent to your device when you visit the website, which will recognize your device on future visits. They remember your preferences and chosen items, as well as ensure that the adverts or offers you see online are more relevant to you. 

They are also useful for gathering information about your use of the website, information about your device, such as IP address and browser type, demographic data, and information such as if you arrived at the website via a link from a third-party site, in which case the cookie can provide information concerning the URL and information about the linking website.  

Some use of cookies means that we will process your personal data. In our Privacy Policy you find information about how we process your personal data. If you are a registered user, this may include your name and e-mail address for verification purposes. If you do not accept cookies, you will not be able to use all the services or functions provided since they will not work as intended. 

Manage Cookies 

When you use the website, you can choose not to consent to our use of certain cookies. You may request to withdraw your consent and to remove any unnecessary cookies from being set while visiting this website. Click "Cookie Settings" if you wish to manage how cookies are to be set in your browser this website session. 

Through the settings in your browser, you can block certain types of cookies as well. If you do so, your browser will automatically deny storage of these cookies or inform you each time that a server requests to use such cookies.  

After using the website, you can also check and delete the persistent cookies that have been placed on your browser. 

Any questions or want to complain?  

The Swedish company Marshall Group AB, 556757-4610 (“Marshall”, “We”, “Us”) is responsible for using cookies at our website.  

If any cookies have been used unlawfully, we as a company will do our best to rectify and wrongdoing. You may contact us at any time if you have any inquiries regarding how cookies have been used.  

Mail: Marshall Group AB Att: Privacy, Centralplan 15, 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden 

If you want to make a complaint regarding our use of cookies, you can contact any supervisory authority. The supervisory authority in Sweden is the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (Post- och telestyrelsen, “PTS”).  

This was last updated: 25 March 2024.