The band member of 'Gürl' sitting on the floor of an arcade.




Gürl is ANTIPOP: Froot Loops and butcher knives, bubble gum and razor blades, and fashion posing as music, all wrapped in diva choruses with heavy guitars, rock drums and trap production. Think Ashnikko meets Loathe and Billie Eilish meets Bring Me the Horizon but drenched in a magnificent shade of pink. The result is dangerous, it’s glam, it’s heavy, it’s camp, it’s sarcastic, it’s narcissistic, it’s ironic, and most importantly, it goes hard. 

The Bristol-based outfit was founded by two bois on the condition that they would be called gürl, offering a cynical reflection on music marketing by choosing a name that ‘cool people’ would wear on a t-shirt. They started out with neo-soul but soon found that they could (and should) go much harder, combining outrageous lyrics, stadium-sized riffs, heavy-hitting drums, and irresistible basslines, all glued together by tasteful (but never meek) trap elements.

The band 'Gürl' posing in an arcade.