Suki sitting on a striped couch holding a Marshall speaker.

From bedroom studio to the world stage

Working in both music and fashion, Suki’s professional life swerves between working with some of the world’s biggest brands, and creating music on her own in her bedroom.

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Suki holding Marshall speaker and standing against a blue patterned background.

Raised on jazz, soul, and heavy metal

As a child she was surrounded by funk, soul, and jazz, then developed a taste for metal and hard rock as she got older. Her parents being an accomplished guitar player and dancer respectively meant that expressing herself creatively was always encouraged.

Suki leaning on a table with Marshall speaker
Suki lounging on a couch on different polaroid-style photos.

Call it bedroom pop. Or not.

Suki began recording music from her bedroom anonymously. First by experimenting with cover tracks, then composing her own music and uploading it to Soundcloud. Bedroom pop is how her music has been described, but how it’s perceived isn’t important to her. All that matters is the creative process behind it. That’s how you learn what makes you, you.

Suki lounging in a bedroom with a Marshall speaker on the bed.
A young woman sits on the floor, leaning on a stack of books, with a small Marshall speaker and a red toy car nearby, encircled by a glowing light loop in a room with striped curtains.

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