Da Flyy Hooligan


Da Flyy Hooligan wearing an orange tiger hoodie and sunglasses.

Hailing from North-West London, Da Flyy Hooligan is one of the most dynamic writers that the UK has ever produced. A natural born divine styler, his use of detailed storytelling, unique voice and cerebral rhyme techniques are why Hooli is flyness personified. 

Hooli came to the UK from Nigeria in the early 90s, and he embedded himself into hip-hop culture before the plane engine could even cool down. Shortly after, he discovered his love for the written word and put pen to paper. His calling was crystallised a few years later when he was backstage at a Public Enemy show in London when frontman Chuck D invited Hooli on stage to drop some rhymes. Hooli rose to the occasion, captivated the crowd, and earned his respect. 

 Da Flyy Hooligans’ prolific discography includes critically acclaimed releases such as S.C.U.M, FYLPM, Ben Kingsley and more. His penchant for kaleidoscopic wordplay with supreme cut delivery continues to enthral listeners, blunt heads, fly ladies and prisoners. He leads the charge for a new breed of emcees who rap exceptionally well, have a runway-ready fashion sense, and eat Michelin meals for snack time. 


Da Flyy Hooligan standning on a bridge looking over the city
A Image of Da Flyy Hooligan wearing an orange hoodie.