Rock ’n’ roll is a state of mind

Kelvin Krash with a Marshall Willen Cream attached to his bag.

Meet the ones carving out their own path

It’s not about what you wear, or where you’re seen. It’s even less about second guessing the next big thing. Musical pioneers always have been those who’ve made the music they love without giving a damn what anyone else thinks. And they’re no different today. 

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Inspired by the jazz music she grew up hearing, Suki used her first guitar to play covers before experimenting with her own sound. Writing songs in her bedroom, and then broadcasting on Soundcloud, Suki started sharing her songs without revealing her face, letting the music speak for itself. 

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Suki was sitting on a couch next to a Marshall Emberton II Cream portable speaker.

Bohan Phoenix

Moving from China to the US aged 11, Bohan had an alternative method of learning English language; rap music. Now, both Chinese and American influences are infused into everything he does, and he uses his music to rally support for his community.  

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portable ambassador Bohan in a car holding a speaker

Kelvin Krash

Growing up in a rap and grime obsessed community, then going on to produce music with some of the biggest names in the genre meant that stepping onto the centre stage was only a matter of time for Kelvin Krash.  

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A collage of Kelvin Krash with a Marshall Willen cream portable speaker.

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