Why choose a combo amp?

Head and cab or a combo amp? The answer will always vary depending on who you ask. Many guitarists prefer the combo amp for its compact and portable structure - making them easy to transport. That is particularly advantageous for musicians who need a portable solution for rehearsals, small gigs, or practice sessions. Many guitarists also prefer a combo amp as they are generally simpler to set up and operate. With all components housed in one unit, there are fewer cables to connect, making them user-friendly, especially for those new to amplifiers.

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Marshall's MG10 combo amplifier

MG10 Combo

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A focused image of the top part of a Marshall Black Amp

Classic sounds, Contemporary features

A combo amp is an all-in-one unit that merges both the amplifier head and speaker cabinet. It unites the signal-amplifying electronics (head) with the sound-projecting speakers (cab) within a single, compact enclosure.  Read more