Recording Studio

Where music begins, and mixes come to life

Our state-of-the-art recording and mixing studio is where music begins, and mixes come to life. With a versatile 250-person capacity live room and stacks of unique equipment including a Neve 8048 mixing desk, the studio is ideal for any recording requirements.

Marshall recording studio with a lot of equipment.
Marshall amps and microphones in a recording studio.

Getting Technical

We offer stacks of unique equipment designed to elevate your sound to the highest level. At the centre of all of this is our incredible Neve 8084 desk that provides warmth and clarity. We record through Focusrite RedNet A/D converters onto the latest version of Protools Ultimate, while numerous relay points mean you can record anywhere. With the most powerful UK Atmos system, the Marshall Studio is 7.4.1 Dolby Atmos-certified, specialising in immersive audio mixing. We also offer a huge range of amps, microphones, drums, guitars, and additional instruments.

A mixing board in the Marshall recording studio.

The desk legacy

There’s no doubt that our Neve 8048 mixing desk carries a legacy of musical excellence. While variations of the 8048 desk have been used by high-profile artists including Queen, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Iggy Pop and Deep Purple, several iconic albums have been recorded using the very same desk that now sits in the Marshall Studio. This includes Thin Lizzy's highest-charting UK album ‘Black Rose’ and the Rolling Stones albums ‘Some Girls’, ‘Emotional Rescue’, and ‘Tattoo You’. These albums were recorded on our 8048 desk when it resided at the Pathé Marconi EMI Studio in Paris. 

What we offer

Designed for players and producers, the Marshall Studio has all the tools you need to make your mark in music, whether that’s recording the perfect track or producing the next Hollywood score. Cutting-edge equipment is combined with the vintage mood of the Neve 8048 mixing desk, to create a setup that can be tailored for anything you throw at it. Add in years' worth of historic Marshall equipment and the possibilities are endless.

A large mixing console with a blue light on it.


Alongside support from our on-hand studio engineers, we also offer a variety of services to meet the needs of every client. This includes recording sessions, mixing/re-amping, music production, voiceover work, hosting listening parties, video sessions, accommodating conferences, and supporting product launches. 

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Recorded at the studio

Discover and listen to the songs recorded at the Marshall Studio. Where artists have crafted their sound, and transformed their visions into reality.

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