A vinyl playing in the Marshall Jukebox
The Marshall Jukebox.

The Marshall Jukeboxes

Recreate the iconic Marshall sound found on countless records with the Marshall Jukebox, available in 7" vinyl, LPs, and CDs. Crafted by Sound Leisure, these jukeboxes capture Marshall's passion and legacy since 1962.

Classic and contemporary

Featuring a D4 amplifier tuned for the recognisable Marshall sound, the Jukebox allows independent control of external speakers. With ample storage and versatile connectivity, including Bluetooth streaming, it offers exceptional audio experiences.

Opening for coins on the Marshall Jukebox
The Marshall jukebox lighted and placed in the corner of a room.


Each Jukebox is made to order using the finest materials, including quality wood, aluminium, zinc casings, and iconic Marshall touches. Jukeboxes come with a certificate of authenticity and are individually numbered, making each one unique.

Marshall logo on the Marshall Jukebox.


Just like our amps, the Jukebox is built to last. Built by Sound Leisure to replicate the original jukeboxes back in the 40s, 50s and 60s, our craftsmen and craftswomen and specially trained technicians have designed this to last for generations.

Jukebox - Lasts for generations - Hybrid image (Youtube thumbnail)


Whether you're looking for a jukebox that holds 7" vinyl, LPs or CDs, we've got you covered. The Jukeboxes also each include an auxiliary input and output, as well as a Bluetooth receiver so you can play your music, whatever format it may be in.

Window showing the interior of the Marshall jukebox.
Golden volume knob of the Marshall jukebox.


Additional information and details on purchasing the Marshall Jukebox are available at Sound Leisure.