The artists 'PleasureInc' posing for the camera.




PleasureInc. is the genre-fluid musical brainchild of brothers Jesse and Louis Baker. Jaded with playing in indie bands, the Norwich based duo began formulating a new type of project in early 2021, creating music and visual content that reflected their love for hip hop, indie, pop, fashion, film and the 90s. 

Through aliases Kenny Pleasures and Jonny Silver, the brothers project a playful perspective in their music, pulling sounds and attitudes from the likes of Blur, Beastie Boys, easy life and Tyler, The Creator. PleasureInc. permeate personality like good cheese permeates stink. You simply can’t help but take notice. 

The duo 'PleasureInc.' standing on a city street.
The duo 'PleasureInc.' reading a magazine on a couch.