The artists 'Glitchers' on a megaphone.

Glitchers are that punk band who’ve been causing mayhem on high streets across the country! 

In 2020 with nothing else to do, Jake taught Sophie how to play drums to a few Glitchers songs. It was when the Tories told artists to retrain that Glitchers officially kicked off - the moment shops & and the streets were open, they were out. 

Their energetic street punk performances brought some chaotic art to the world when it needed it the most. Now, they’ve crashed many sold-out shows with the signature ‘After Party Street Gigs’ and toured the car parks on the My Chemical Romance UK Tour after a personal invitation from Frank Iero, caused confusion and annoyance to many police and security with their flash street gigs, and have gained such a broad fanbase from being able to bring a punk show directly to anyone and everyone. 

The next time you’re leaving a show or walking down the high street and you hear a drum kit, an over distorted guitar and squealing megaphone, follow the noise and you might be in for a treat. 

The artists 'Glitchers' playing on the sidewalk.