A marshall amplifier sits on a glass table with a drum set in the background, showcasing its knobs and speaker grille.

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In the heart of Manhattan’s most iconic neighbourhood, just a few steps away from world-renowned art galleries boutiques and restaurants, Soho Grand epitomises SoHo’s creative energy and rich history. Being central to this hub means their guests are checking in to be immersed, and music is a huge part of the experience. 

A music legend 

Music and Soho Grand Hotel have a long history. A favourite stay for rockstars for decades, and the venue of choice for many iconic music launches, they understand the power of credibility. Music is a huge part of the communal spaces, and a Marshall speaker in each room means that guests can personalise their own space as soon as they check in.  

All anyone needs to play music from a Marshall speaker is a smart device and Bluetooth, so getting started is easy. As well as the simple to use setup, Marshall’s classic design was a big draw for the team at Soho Grand Hotel. No matter the size, the speakers are ready to emphasise without overpowering each room’s surroundings. 

A marshall speaker on a wooden table in a cozy, warmly lit living room with modern decor and large windows.
Exterior view of the historic grand hotel with a classic brick facade, large windows, and a black awning.

We chose them not only on their sound capabilities, but also the fact they have a really sleek and vintage inspired design.

Feels like home 

Soho Grand Hotel have Acton speakers in the majority of their rooms, and larger Woburn speakers in their loft penthouse suites to help their guests feel at home no matter how long their stay. No matter the size, the interface works exactly the same, and they’re all designed to be turned right up.

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Music: Gen and the Degenerates, Jude's Song

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