A man sits in an armchair holding a mug, surrounded by plants in a cozy, warmly lit room with a framed picture on the wall.

Proud to partner with Deus Ex Machina

Bed, bar, beach. Deus Ex Machina in Bournemouth has all three and some at The Lodge of Heavy Leisure. Right by Boscombe Beach, you could easily find yourself coming for breakfast and staying for the next day’s brunch. 

More than a concept 

Knowing the importance of making a good impression, music is everything to this beachside hangout. With so many separate parts of the business, they want whatever they’re playing to have the same impact wherever you’re standing. We can help with that.  

They use Acton III speakers throughout the venue to play whatever music the staff are into that day. By linking each speaker up with the Marshall dongle, there’s no complicated setup. All anyone needs to get going is a smart device with Bluetooth and a good playlist. 

The corner of a building with a sign that reads "deus ex machina, the lodge of heavy leisure" illuminated by sunset light.
A marshall speaker on a counter next to a shopping bag labeled "deus ex machina," with a person in the background.

‘The way that the speakers are configured, the way that they link together, I think Marshall have nailed that completely’ 

Perfectly balanced sound 

Finding the balance between addictive tracks you want to hang around and listen to, and not drowning out conversation is exactly what these speakers do best. For Deus Ex Machina, Marshall is a name and sound they know they can trust. They know the importance of great music, whether that customer is staying for the night or just a drink.  

Marshall for business - CDP Single asset - Deus Ex Machina Testimonial - Video 16:9 - Thumbnail - Desktop

Music: Gen and the Degenerates, Jude's Song

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