Grim Sickers


The artist 'Grim Sickers' in a puffer jacket.

With an impressive rap sheet consisting of hit records and sold-out shows - there are few names in UK music as critically acclaimed as Grim Sickers. Of course, it wasn’t an overnight success; having made his live debut in 2006, he wouldn’t receive mainstream recognition until 2017’s breakthrough track ‘Kane’. 

The track cemented Grim Sickers’ position as one of the UK’s greatest grime MC’s - but, instead of doubling down on the roots of grime, he instead made the bold decision to focus on a brand-new, genre-bending sound, reflective of a wider taste in music. His 2019 album ‘Icons Only’ captures those heavy hitting grime anthems that initially put the spotlight on him, as well as the laidback flows that encapsulate his passion for emo-rap and its surrounding genres.

Having showcased his sound on the world’s biggest stages, including Glastonbury, Boomtown, and Parklike, and on back-to-back tours with The Streets - the Grim Sickers movement is now global.


The artist 'Grim Sickers' in a photoshoot.