Sanity looking back in front of a blue background.

SANITY is the re-branded name of the artist formerly known as Lady Sanity. After a decade-long career in the music industry, SANITY showcases a new musical direction and brings together a diverse range of collaborations with talented artists such as Blue Lab Beats, MELONYX, Camilla George, and more. 

  As the artist took to the stage at the 2018 Commonwealth Games closing ceremony in Australia, her bold authenticity has captured global audiences ever since. SANITY’s inclusion as an official baton bearer for the Commonwealth Games in 2022 saw her once again representing her home city Birmingham including contribution of her track Midlands Child to the 'On Record' album. A sonic love letter to Birmingham City. SANITY's ascent as one of the most exciting voices in the UK scene is no surprise for the UMA (Urban Music Award) and GRM Daily Get Rated award winner, she is definitely one to watch. 


Artist Sanity in a blue shirt with a green background.
Artist Sanity sitting on the ground with a purple background.