Piss Kitti


A Image of the group Piss Kitti looking down at the camera

Referred to by Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music) as “Transgressive Liverpool gender outlaws”, PISS KITTI have gained popularity in major cities across the UK and beyond, their captivating live shows have landed them support slots alongside artists such as Black Lips, Dream Wife and tour support for Amyl and the Sniffers. 


They are a garage punk band who’ve gone from writing short aggressive songs in their early days to more melodic and well-polished tracks as featured on their 2021 debut EP, ‘For the Lovers’ - a collection of self-confessed love songs rooted in romantic turmoil. 

 “They are a true reflection of what youth culture is like today: it’s gender-bending, it’s feminist, its ambiguous, it’s angry, it’s fun, it’s emotional, it’s making a statement yet, not taking yourself too seriously, it’s about breaking rules to create a better future even if that isn’t intentional and it’s PISS KITTI who are taking the torch and running with it” 


Piss Kitti posing in front of a building.

Piss Kitti sitting at a table in a restaurant.