The artist 'Laughta' standing in a spotlight.



Speaking about her debut album ‘Dar3 2 B3 Diff3r3nt’, Laughta says, "It's about not seeking approval, and not conforming, just being true to who I am. This whole project has been about creativity and pushing the boundaries of making music creating my own unique sound as I'm self-producing, mixing and mastering everything myself so I'm fully immersed in this. I talk of challenging beauty standards, touch on real topics, real issues that women face around relationships, empowerment, not being controlled, independence & individuality!" 

Laughta can be heard on Reprezent radio on the 'Laughta Gas Show', she also did a takeover of Radio 1's sound system show. Laughta is a founding member of Women in CTRL and uses her platform to raise awareness and plays at least 50% women & gender minorities in her shows. 


Black and white image of the artist 'Laughta' wearing a ski mask and ski goggles.